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Scoring for short videos and commercials

I composed music for several short videos about the recovery stories of two patients from Craig Hospital. The music had to encompass the client's life before an accident, the traumatic accident, and recovery. The videos were filmed in 360 and presented as virtual reality experiences in fundraisers across the United States.

This short commercial for a Colorado hemp company required a warm, nostalgic, folky sound.

Scoring for ballet

The LighthouseChimney Choir
00:00 / 04:08
The AnswerChimney Choir
00:00 / 04:06
Syncopated ThoughtChimney Choir
00:00 / 05:30

Working with the innovative modern dance/ballet company Wonderbound has put me into some wonderful creative situations. With Chimney Choir, I have scored two full length productions- Boomtown and Aphrodite’s Switchboard. Creating a score for a ballet is a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary process, and an incredibly rewarding experience. 

Creating, scoring, and performing in immersive experiences:

The Dream Show

Tripper Bird View.jpg
Dream Lion.jpg

This was a culmination of immersive theater techniques over a series of shows at the Mercury Café in Denver. We used a mix of interactive animation and film. Gigantic puppets were constructed, and a small army of actors portrayed characters in the audience. We also incorporated choreographed ballet and virtual reality. 

Zabiti- an immersive theatrical circus arts experience

In collaboration with the circus arts collective Rainbow Militia, I scored and designed sound for the immersive performance art piece ‘Zabiti’. Set in a mythical forest, this soundtrack needed to be fantastic and evocative. The audience had times where they could freely wander through a large warehouse space, and other times in which dramatic scenes told an unfolding story. The soundtrack was designed in spatial audio and utilized three different sound systems throughout the warehouse. Cues in the looping music directed the performers and established a time structure. 

Scoring for a podcast

Tugboat vs Tidal Wave part 4Fox Drickey and David Rynhart
00:00 / 06:29
Tugboat vs Tidal Wave part 1Fox Drickey and David Rynhart
00:00 / 04:26
Tugboat vs Tidal Wave part 2Fox Drickey and David Rynhart
00:00 / 09:26
Tugboat vs Tidal Wave part 3Fox Drickey and David Rynhart
00:00 / 06:58

I composed a score to accompany a storytelling podcast. The story was a fantastic, profound, and child-like allegorical story that required a whimsical and dynamic soundtrack. It was created for Honey Comb Healing.

Scoring for orchestra

In May of 2017 I had the opportunity to compose and arrange original music performed by the Colorado Symphony in a collaboration with Wonderbound and Chimney Choir. Although we were not able to access the recording, this article by local newspaper 'Westword' is a testament to this lovely experience. 

Mayhem 2.jpeg
The Lighthouse.jpg
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